I came to this class reluctantly, was not feeling it. But was exactly what I needed. She finally helped me start to resolve my frozen shoulder and even more inportant gave me the tools to fully resolve.

Laura P.

Very informative, learned a lot and I feel more confident about working on sub scap and being able to release the shoulder.

Jessica S.

Loved it! I will definitely be implementing this in my daily work as so many humans need it. Intrigued and want to learn more about calcium deposits.
Thank you so much for all your knowledge. I appreciate you!

Emily C.

Answered questions and intuitions that I have had for many years. It will help me to confidently apply deep tissue technique to my clients. Instructor provided applicable technique that will assist with treatment in the future.


Class Review:
Instructor provided a useful course in a calm and unhurried environment. I have been able to use the basic techniques this past week to help a few clients, sometimes with issues in other locations but the clients felt results. Though it could not be planned, I enjoyed the other workshop participants who were all friendly and nonjudgmental.

Follow-Up Review:
The work on my shoulders did help substantially to lower my shoulders and bring them back closer to proper position. I now have a good idea of how that feels. Most of my shoulder discomfort comes from inflammation of the rotator cuff muscles and tendons and I use a THC salve every evening to help reduce that effect. The actual osteoarthritis is restricting but not particularly painful or achy – except when it is cold and humid. The lowered shoulders is especially helpful for my posture to be more upright for better lung capacity and more energy.
I was able to try the subscapularis technique on my daughter-in-law who allowed me to poke around and gave feedback so I could feel more specifically what angles I needed to use. That is going to be very helpful for some of my clients.

Susan S.

Best class structure, best instructor, best in my 16 year career! Awesome!

Maria B.

This was the best, most information heavy CE I have taken in my 5 years of working as an LMT. I would even take this exact course over again!

Adam S.

Fantastic course! The techniques taught are so effective and can easily be implemnted into any routine. I’m really excited to try them out.

Lauramy P.

Best CEs in terms of hands on time I have ever taken in 18+ years of CE study. Straight forward instruction and explanations, just enough no BS! Hands on time is EXCELLENT!


I took this course for learning deep tissue & a boost of confidence as a new therapist,
The class did both for me.
Would definitely recommend it to other therapists.

Elizabeth N.

One of the best massage CEs I have ever taken. Excellent instructor, course content was something I will use in my practice. All students were friendly, helpful and respectful. I am very satisfied with what I learned!

Patricia H.

This is a wonderful addition to my current deep tissue skills. This concept is specific yet non-invasive way to eliminate points of discomfort and stress. I think Tatyana has found and perfected a unique new massage technique. This new concept should become the standard teaching to all therapists.

Patti Y.

I learned more in this course than in any other CE course I’ve ever taken. I came into this course worried about the longevity of my career due to overuse and left having learned new skills that I believe will greatly assist me in continuing to offer deep tissue to my clients without over working my body. I’m extremely greatful!

Sara W.

Very informative & teach is very attentive. Overall – class was wonderful and will use everything I learned on my clients. Thank you.

You are a wonderful teacher & human being.

Thank you for the new techniques!

Caren C.

Absolutely revolutionized my practice. I will utilize all that I have learned. Thank you so much!

Alora C.

No matter what obsticle appeared, she was well structured to handle it. Has care and concern for all the classmates. Very informative and still absorbed what the students had suggested. She is down to earth, sweet and lovable!


I highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to learn how to truly perform deep tissue. It teaches you the cause of muscle tension and how to release many muscles with just a few pressure holds. With this knowledge, deep tissue becomes a pleasure to perform and very rewarding. Make no mistake – you should take this class!

Shannon C.

I really enjoyed Tatyana & her Calcium Deposits PP DT course. She was very knowledgable about the subject (calcium deposits) and she was very hands on with helping us correct our positions for our safety & for better results for our clients. I would definitely recommend her to my peers.

Audrey R.

This is the first CEU in 17 years that it has been so hands on. Truly felt as if I have a great grasp on the modality. I truly believe all CEU classes should be as hands on as this.
Instructor is delightful. I would take a class with her anytime.

Sacia L.

Absolutely loved the amount of technique that was taught, practiced and done. It was clear Tatyana is passionate and educated in her profession. I feel like I learned many new techniques that I will use in my everyday practice.

Danielle B.

Great course! I’m excited to use everything I learned in my personal practice. Great hands-on exerience with good one on one guidance as well. Thank you!


Very appreciated of Tatyana’s knowledge & perspective on massage therapy. Very excited to continue learning how to incorporate this training into my “routine” practice. Thank you so much!

Heather R.

I’ve been a massage therapist for 30 years and have taken so much continuing education that is the same old thing in a new package. I actually learned some new techniques that I will absolutely be using on my clients. Tatyana is funny, well-educated and made this class worth driving all the way across the state to attend! Thank you so much for a fun & educational two days.

Jerri W.

I came away from this workshop with increased knowledge about calcium deposits and how to break them down. The anatomy review was appreciated too! Hope to take another class with further instruction on this topic.

Susan M.

I loved that this course was so multifaced. You can make it it’s own separate selection on your menu or incorporate bits & pieces into what you normally do. I look forward to seeing the results on clients.
There is no extra equipment to buy in order to use what you learn. The course claims you’re guaranteed to learn something – yes, I did. I have friends & collegues I will recommend this course to. I loved that there was lots of “hands on” time & we worked on multiple bodies. Pleasure to meet you!

Rachel R.

I loved this course and will recommend it to others. Thank you for being hands on and informational at the same time.
This class was great and I appreciate having fun.


I would recommend this instructor and class/course to all LMTs. Tatyana was incredibly informative, well prepared, and explained the techniques consisely.

Erin A.

Class was fun and informative!
Tatyana is very knowledgeable and I learned more to take back with me. I’m confident my clients will love a new approach to my technique!
Thank you!

Ranae S.

Wonderful instructor with very useful tips & knowledge. Definitely hope to take another course from Tatyana!

Skylar M.

Learning to break up Calcium Deposits is very important in the work that I do. Very pleased with the class.


Good job! You conducted yourself well and handeled the “unhappy, I know everything” student very well also. Thanks for coming!

Jassa F.

Great course! I learned new techniques and will be using them in my massage routine. Instructor was very knowledgeable and personable.

Ellen D.

Post Class Follow-Up Review:

I have been using almost all of the deep tissue techniques that we learned in class on my clients. I have noticed it’s more effective on them than the techniques I had previously been using, and I am able to achieve more pressure with less strain on myself. Although body mechanics weren’t a specified portion of the course, talking with T about raising my table and utilizing my body weight and higher center of gravity being a woman has made a huge improvement for me. I have always struggled with either hip and lower back pain or neck and shoulder pain for as long as I have been massaging, and I have hardly had any since taking the class! When I first started using the new techniques I got a lot of positive feedback from clients. Everyone said it felt great, they all felt so much better after their sessions, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about my pressure improving as well. Overall I loved the course and I wish I could take it again each cycle. I’m looking forward to possibly taking another class with her in the future. Thank you for teaching me some helpful techniques to use in the workplace as well as in my personal life.

Shelby V.

I learned a lot! I enjoyed taking each lesson and working on different people in the class. Really helped me to learn the techniques and see the same issue but completely different in each individual.

Kathy B.

We all seemed to enjoy how some of the techniques allowed us to feel multiple tissue examples from other students which really helped. We could see how different body types would [change how] to find the calcium deposits on different people. This makes it more easy to be able to use these tehniques on our clients right away.

Bethany S.

I enjoyed the class & appreciated the opportunity to experience the work on multiple body types since that is what we encounter in real practice.

Allison H.

I’ve taken several CE classes over the years and most classes were informative but this is the first class I feel like I will use the information and techniques on my own clients

Shelby V.

My view of “the body as a whole” was missing the calcium deposits. I have way more confidence working on concrete bodies. Thank you!

Kyle D.

I would Highly recommend this course and instructor to all my peers. Brilliant delivery and course material.

Lisa F

I would recommend the course to anyone! I was able to find a table height, where it’s most comfortable to perform my services. I am less tired, no pain in my back, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Patricia Z

She showed us new way of tackling deep tissue massage, as well as lack of range of motion and pain in neck shoulder area

Christina B