Very enjoyable and informative!

Lois W.

I learned a lot! I enjoyed taking each lesson and working on different people in the class. Really helped me to learn the techniques and see the same issue but completely different in each individual.

Kathy B.

We all seemed to enjoy how some of the techniques allowed us to feel multiple tissue examples from other students which really helped. We could see how different body types would [change how] to find the calcium deposits on different people. This makes it more easy to be able to use these tehniques on our clients right away.

Bethany S.

I enjoyed the class & appreciated the opportunity to experience the work on multiple body types since that is what we encounter in real practice.

Allison H.

I’ve taken several CE classes over the years and most classes were informative but this is the first class I feel like I will use the information and techniques on my own clients

Shelby V.

My view of “the body as a whole” was missing the calcium deposits. I have way more confidence working on concrete bodies. Thank you!

Kyle D.

Tatyana was able to answer all our questions in detail. Course was full of useful information!

Jessica L

I would Highly recommend this course and instructor to all my peers. Brilliant delivery and course material.

Lisa F

I would recommend the course to anyone! 
I was able to find a table height, where it’s most comfortable to perform my services. I am less tired, no pain in my back, I couldn’t be more grateful.

Patricia Z

She showed us new way of tackling deep tissue massage, as well as lack of range of motion and pain in neck shoulder area

Christina B